He actually let me trim a bit of his beard and hair… We be upping the trust levels here.

"The trouble with relationships not centered in Christ is that there are expectations one puts on the other to live up to. When one doesn’t live up to his or her expectations, we set up the other to disappoint us, fail us, or break our trust. Christ removes these expectations that do not allow us to be secure and humble.

Every relationship in the body between a man and a woman who are dating is to be built upon the reality of His presence in them. This way the honor and love is given in this perspective: that whatever challenges are faced, each values the other’s life above their own and seeing the other’s life as a gift given by God, rather than someone who needs to be changed to suit their needs."
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Our conception of 'beauty'.


So I’m a MUA at ‘MAC Cosmetics’ and had a client today with beautiful dark skin who asked to purchase a foundation in a shade 5 times lighter than her skin tone. It’s really sad how society has indoctrinated a lot of women with deeper skin tones to feel inferior to lighter complexions. Your…


Emotional chastity is just as important as physical chastity.

Always protect your heart, your emotions, and your thoughts. They influence your life a lot more than you could ever imagine.

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